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Sunglass Holder for Tesla Model 3 & Y

Sunglass Holder for Tesla Model 3 & Y

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Seeking additional storage? Our sunglass holder is tailor-made for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, offering both practical storage and an elegant design that seamlessly complements the subtle minimalism of Tesla's interior.

We dedicated six months and tirelessly explored many iterations to achieve an impeccable fit and flawless functionality.

Notably, it's not limited to sunglasses – our holder boasts versatility, capable of accommodating a variety of items.

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  • Model Y (All Years)
  • Model 3: (2018 to 2023). Note: for 2018 models, the lid won't be able to open all the way up.
  • See pictures here:
  • Model 3: 2024 - Tesla completely redesigned the entire interior and there is a subtle difference. Be sure to select the 2024 Model 3 variant to make sure the sunglass holder fits

Technical Specs

  • Can hold items up to 7.5" x 2.0" x 2.4"
  • Can hold 5 lbs of weight


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Hi, I am Doug and I designed the sunglass holder. If you're interested in my entrepreneurial journey and what it took to create this sunglass holder, please see all my previous blog updates here:

This took me 6 months of development time plus 3 months of manufacturing time (multiple trips to Asia) to get this to market. I learned a lot and thank you so much to you all for supporting my company. I reinvest 100% of all revenue back into the company and don't pay myself anything. I do this to provide value to you all. Thank you so much for letting me live out my dream.