• Low Cost, Off Peak Charging

  • $0

    No Installation Fees

  • 25+ mi 

    Per Hour Charge Rate

  • Portable Battery, Range Anxiety Cure

EV charging is so easy, you don't even think about it.

Get 100 miles (30kWh) of charge each night

Our charger's onboard batteries recharge itself to provide your car energy when you need it - quickly and cost effectively.


Zero Installation Hassle

Plugs into any regular wall socket. No permits required. No electrical modifications. No electricians needed. Just plug and charge.

Battery + Power Outlet Charging

DockCharged has two power sources, wall outlet & battery. When the battery is depleted, energy is directed from the outlet to your car.

Charge anywhere

The freedom to charge without constraints.

Store Energy

Store energy from the power outlet, throughout the day, when not in use.

Minimize Spend and Track Charging Performance

With the DockCharged app, you can track your energy usage and battery charge in real-time. Minimize charging cost by controlling when you charge and permanently avoid on-peak, expensive energy rates.

DockCharged Vs. Tesla Super Charger



Tesla Super Charger

Do I need to travel to charge?




100/mo + energy cost

 Up to $250+/month

Overnight Home Charging?



Energy Rate

Charge using lowest off peak energy rates

Up to $.6kwh+

Potential Charging Wait Time



  • Max Battery Capacity

    Approx. 50 miles (15 kWh)

  • Charge Rate

    50 miles per hour* 

  • Dimensions

    31" x 21" x 9.5" 

  • Total Charge in 8-hour session

    75 miles**

  • Weight 

    99 - 300 lbs***

  • Qualifies for rebates

    Yes, 26% Federal Tax Credit

  • Power Requirements

    110V, 12A Nema

  • EV Compatibility

    All EV

*Battery discharge rate, maximum.

**After the battery (50-mile capacity) is depleted, charging reduces to level 1 charging rates, 2-3 mile per hour charge rate (16 miles in an 8-hour time span). Total miles of at least 75 miles.

***Modular battery system; batteries can be removed to configure weight.