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Model 3 Rocker Panel PPF Kit

Model 3 Rocker Panel PPF Kit

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Keep your Tesla looking brand new - ultimate protection against rock chips, bugs, or scratches. 

Technical Specs:

  • Self-healing: Guards against rock chips and scratches
  • UV Resistant: Prevents paint fade
  • Self Healing at Room temperature (impervious to scratches)
  • Barely noticeable: As thick as a piece of hair
  • Clear and glossy: matches Tesla clear coat
  • Typical DIY (Do It Yourself) Installation: 1 hour
  • Follow our installation guide: here
  • Compatible: All years of Tesla Model 3

    DockCharged specs

    • Thickness: 200 micrometer
    • Material: TPU (Polyurethane)
    • Self Healing: Scratches disappear at room temperature
    • UV Resistant: Prevents paint fade
    • Elongation at break: 400% (can stretch before it breaks)

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