• Low Cost, Off Peak Charging

  • $0

    No Installation Fees

  • 1 Day

    Installation Time

  • 50 Mile Per Hour Charge Rate

California plans to ban gas-car sales by 2035.

-California Clean Air Regulators

Modernizing your property with the electrical requirements of EV charging can be challenging, but if Asset Managers do not act now, they risk:

  • Pushing away current and prospective tenants
  • Decreasing property value
  • Missing out on government EV equipment charging rebates
  • Adding to carbon footprint

Easiest to install EV charger meets pay per use washer & dryer revenue model.

Get 75 miles (22.5kWh) of charge each night

Our charger's onboard batteries recharge itself to provide your car energy when you need it - quickly and cost effectively.

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Zero Installation Hassle

Plugs into any regular wall socket. No permits required. No electrical modifications. No electricians needed. Just plug and charge.

Flexible Location EV Charging & Security

DockCharge can be bolted to the ground or rolled to the tenant's car for charging.  Lock it up to their car wheel and track with GPS.

Software as powerful as our Charger

The DockCharged app allows your operational and management team to provide maximum value to your tenants while maximizing profit for your organization.

Software Features:

  • Manage Electricity Cost - Lower opex

  • Profit Reporting - Optimize pricing & lower capex

  • Manage pricing - Increase profit

  • Automated Tenant Reservations - Touchless operation, best user experience

  • Charger Utilization Trends - Lower Opex

  • Manage Charger Faults - Lower Capex

DockCharged Vs. Typical "Level 2" EV Charger



Typical "Level 2" EV Charger

Installation Cost


Up to $3,000 or may be impossible

Hardware Cost

$0 up front


Up to $1,000

Charge Rate (miles per hour)

Up to 50

Up to 50

Installation Time

10 minutes

Up to 1 month

Installation Step

Only 1. Connect to WIFI

1. Contact city and/or HOA to determine eligibility.

2. Hire an electrician to inspect your residence for eligibility and quote.

3. Select & buy charger.

4. Secure permit (typically done by an electrician).

5. Install Charger (done by electrician).

6. Get approved inspection (done by electrician).p to $1,000

  • Max Battery Capacity

    Approx. 50 miles (15 kWh)

  • Charge Rate

    50 miles per hour* 

  • Dimensions

    31" x 21" x 9.5" 

  • Total Charge in 8-hour session

    75 miles**

  • Weight 

    99 - 300 lbs***

  • Qualifies for rebates

    Yes, 26% Federal Tax Credit

  • Power Requirements 

    110V, 12A Nema

  • EV Compatibility

    All EV

*Battery discharge rate, maximum.

**After the battery (50-mile capacity) is depleted, charging reduces to level 1 charging rates, 2-3 mile per hour charge rate (16 miles in an 8-hour time span). Total miles of at least 75 miles.

***Modular battery system; batteries can be removed to configure weight.