Blog 15: Sunglass Holder Production Complete

Blog 15: Sunglass Holder Production Complete


I am excited to announce that the Sunglass Holder has finished production and now is being shipped to my warehouse. I produce the sunglass holder in Asia and I am shipping in batches.

The shipping price has increased a lot because of Chinese New Year, wherein many other companies are shipping things out of China and so the shipping prices increase a lot.

I was planning to air ship all of the sunglass holders, but since the shipping costs increased due to the outgoing shipment demand, it would have cost $19 per sunglass holder. As such, I had to resort to sea shipping where it was $2 per sunglass holder. I would have loved to airship, but currently, I am still about $13,000 in the red on this project and cannot afford to airship.

I will share progress of the shipping boat progress continually, but it looks like February 20-25th when they arrive at the warehouse and then I will begin to ship.

Here are pictures of production!

Thank you for the continued support.

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