Blog 14: Exciting Dockcharged Charger Production Update

Blog 14: Exciting Dockcharged Charger Production Update

Hey everyone, we've been soaking in your awesome feedback from months of testing! Our app guru, Cristian, has been pulling long hours to make our app top-notch. Check out a sneak peek of the interface – lets you track energy use, time your car charges for the best rates, and more cool stuff.

Cristian, the coding maestro, worked at Turo and even left his mark at Tinder. Bet you've used his software if you've been on the dating scene lately. Loads of lines of code went into making it look simple, but trust me, there's a ton happening behind the scenes.

DockCharged Testing - We have 2 units freeing up now! Email me!
We're about to kick off testing for Dockcharged, and we've got some spots up for grabs. Shoot me an email ASAP – first come, first served! The demand has been crazy nationwide, and we're charging ahead with production. Teaming up with top suppliers, we're crafting the ultimate electric car charger.

Production Batteries Designed
Let's talk batteries – we've got this new tech that lasts over 3000 cycles, over a decade of solid performance. You can even expand them for more range. We're also deep into developing power electronics for charging and home backup – stay tuned for some seriously cool features.

Our electronics and battery tech are snugly fitting into the sleek enclosure on our website. Big shoutout for all the support – and more exciting updates are on the way. We're navigating the production journey, aiming for a kick-off around March or April. Stick with us for the ride!

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