Blog 11: The box and parts coming from mold

Blog 11: The box and parts coming from mold

Greetings Everyone,

We're excited to bring you a brief update on the DockCharged Tesla Model 3 and Y Sunglass holder.

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone: we've successfully produced several parts from the molds. While the complete sunglass holder is not yet assembled, we've made substantial progress with many of the parts, and they're looking promising. There's still some fine-tuning required, but we're on the right track.

Simultaneously, our team has been hard at work designing the retail box, and we're delighted to share that we now have a prototype ready for review.

Here is a quick YouTube video of the molds:

This is the first mold that has the hinges of the sunglass holder

These are the finished pieces. These are not the final color or texture, but the first parts so we can begin assembly.

This is the retail box, a prototype. There are some small issues with it, the bends are not as crisp, but this is just hand made. We will fix that in the next iteration.

Here's a timeline outlining the key steps in our production process:

  1. Finalize molds geometry - 5 more days
  2. Measure the part using the CMM machine
  3. Assemble the part - 4 days
  4. Verify functionality and check for defects - 2 days
  5. Develop assembly procedures and initiate team training - 1 week
  6. Ship the sunglass holder from China to DockCharged for approval and testing - 1 week
  7. Order raw materials and boxes for manufacturing - 3 days
  8. Commence the manufacturing process - 15 days
  9. Load batches onto sea shipping boat and deliver to DockCharged for distribution - 30 days

DockCharged EV charger

If you have a friend, loved one, or family member that has difficulties charging in their apartment or condo... or home where they can't easily install 220V (L2 Charging), then please let them know about DockCharged. Our charger, launching soon, allows them to Level 2 charge but without any installation cost.

We use batteries and software to fast charge a car. While you're away from home, the Dockcharged stores energy into it's batteries, then rapidly deploys the energy back into the car and, in parallel, sends power from the wall into the car too.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and perfect every aspect of the DockCharged Tesla Model 3 and Y Sunglass holder. We appreciate your patience and support as we work towards delivering an exceptional product.

Best regards,
Doug, Javier, Chris, Cristian

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