Blog #9: DockCharged at the Race Track

Blog #9: DockCharged at the Race Track

At DockCharged, we’re breaking barriers in the world of electric vehicle charging, offering a solution that’s not only portable but also empowers you to charge your car even when electricity isn’t readily available. Let’s dive into our recent experience at Irwindale Raceway, where we put DockCharged to the test and showcased its performance.

DockCharged Recap: Level 2 Charging, No Installation Hassles:

Tired of the limitations of traditional charging options? DockCharged brings you level 2 charge rates without the hefty installation costs. By utilizing cutting-edge battery technology and intelligent software, we enable fast car charging that saves you both time and money. Say goodbye to reliance on superchargers; DockCharged is your solution for efficient and convenient electric vehicle charging.

Irwindale Raceway Test: Charging with Confidence:

Our recent visit to Irwindale Raceway, a renowned dragway in Irwindale, marked a significant milestone for DockCharged. We brought along the full DockCharged - a 15kWh pack capable of providing approximately 50 miles of charge solely from its batteries. This test not only demonstrated the portability of DockCharged but also showcased its ability to charge electric cars in diverse and challenging environments.

How DockCharged Works:

• Power Electronics Module: The brains behind DockCharged’s seamless functionality.
• Battery Packs: Lightweight and efficient, each battery pack, weighing under 50 lbs, offers 3kWh of power, supporting up to 10 miles of electric driving.
• Off-Peak Energy Savings: DockCharged allows you to store energy during off-peak hours, maximizing your savings. It pays for itself, potentially saving you up to $700 per year in energy costs.

Navigating High Peak Power Costs:

DockCharged is not just a portable solution; it’s a strategic one. DockCharged stores energy at off-peak energy rates and this allows you to save additional money. In places like California, you're able to save up to $700 per year just by avoiding charging during on-peak (4-9pm).

Community Feedback and Future Ventures:

Our venture at Irwindale Raceway received a positive response, with inquiries, feedback, and even beta testers expressing interest in DockCharged. We’re thrilled to continue charging cars on race tracks and exploring new possibilities for electric mobility.

DockCharged is more than a charging solution; it’s a lifestyle enabler. Stay tuned for more updates as we redefine the future of electric vehicle charging, ensuring that power is in your hands whenever, wherever.

Sunglass Holders Project

As a side project, I have been working on a sunglass holder and it is in the production phase. It creates an extra storage component right under the screen with protective surfaces to provide a scratch free environment for your glasses. It can also hold other items too, if you wish.  

It is still in development but shipping in January. We're currently having a Cyber Monday deal, if you're interested.


Doug and the DockCharged team 

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