Sunglass Holder Installation

Hello! I'm Doug, the designer of your sunglass holder. I'll show you how to install the sunglass holders. Follow me along on a little journey before I do so.

Thank you so much for buying the DockCharged Sunglass Holder. This project took me 6 months, many iterations, and lots of feedback sessions from my beta testers. I'm really proud of it and I hope you like it.

Here are all the prototypes I made before I landed on the final design that you have right in your hands. These aren't even all the prototypes. I made a lot more but it gives you a sense of what I had to go through. Lots of design changes to get the fit just right or to get the cost and reliability in a good window.

This is a production mold, a big steel mold, where plastic is injected at such high temperatures that the plastic is in molten liquid state. Then it solidifies and then we begin the assembly process. This was a pretty complex project even though it seems so simple in the end.

Here is an installation video of the sunglass holders!

If you like the sunglass holders, please feel free to leave a review. We are a small business and reviews help immensely by accelerating the growth of my business, it’s make or break in today’s world. I appreciate your help.

I use all the revenue generated to reinvest into DockCharged to build our latest project, DockCharged Charger.

It turns any 110V outlet into a Level 2 charger! Elminate your reliance on the superchargers (if you live in an an apartment, condo, or old home and don't have Level 2 charging).

Thank you so much.