Blog 13: Sunglass Holder Manufacturing - Minor Fixes and now in production!

Blog 13: Sunglass Holder Manufacturing - Minor Fixes and now in production!

Team Update: Sunglass Holder Manufacturing Progress

Our team has been grinding away to bring you the sunglass holder pronto. In the last time that we last talked, I got pre-production sample and had to fix and modify the tooling. Then, I talked with the team and had to fix some of those issues. On the 13th, I got a new production sample with the fixes and I have approved the solutions. We are heading for production!

Pre-production box:
Check out some snapshots of the prototype box and me getting hands-on with the installation – fits like a charm, and it's a breeze to set up.

Now, here's the dilemma: should the sunglass holder match the grey, or go stealthy in black? I lean towards black for that sleek, barely-there look that adds to the cool factor. 

Some issues with pre-production sample:
With the pre-production sample, there were some problems. Since then we've ironed out some minor kinks – a bit of wiggle when it's open, a looser magnet tolerance, and lacking texture. 

Approved production sample:
Our China team made all the necessary adjustments. Check out the texture they've added, but we're still fine-tuning the magnet fitment in the mold. Now, there's a slight hiccup with Chinese New Year – it's a nationwide holiday, so work hits pause from about the 26th of January to around the 15th of February. We will make and ship everything from the vendor to USA on time and I think we will begin delivering around the 7 to 15th of February.
Here is a video of the approved production sample! It is really good!


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