Blog 2: Redefining Portable Charging

Blog 2: Redefining Portable Charging

Hey Everyone, Thanks for visiting again!

We have been working hard on the next revision of the DockCharged hardware in our pursuit to reduce cost and size while improving the ergonomics in order to release the units to you all.

Alpha Prototype :

To understand the charging user experience and validate some of our key charging performance metrics, we cobbled together from a conglomeration of different parts the Alpha. Our goal was to test our assumptions quickly. We didn't really care about size but are trying to learn as much as possible quickly.

Beta Prototype Progress:

We are working on our Beta prototype with emphasis to reduce the size, cost, and to improve charging progress.
This is the latest in the Beta design but we need your feedback.

In our last conversations, I had the pleasure to speak with many of you and gather your input on the ideal user experience as well as many of your pain points.

For people living in condominiums or apartments, you wanted something ultra portable and easy to move.
For people owning their own home or having a dedicated parking space, just being able to get high capacity of charge each night while charging at home without doing major construction for 220V was very important.
The most popular request was a portable charger and the wish to bring the charger with you for emergency use.
With that in mind, we want to optimize the beta experience and make DockCharged ultra portable. For that to happen, we need your feedback. I have provided a 3 minute survey and we need your input. It means a lot to us. We think we have a solution but need your help to validate it.

Why this is important: your feedback is directly impacting the future of electric car charging. This is your chance to make a product that you want to use and to solve your exact problem. The sooner we can acquire the data, the sooner that we can build. This is very helpful and we are very appreciative of your feedback.

About the Beta unit

The electronic module is where all the circuitry and charging equipment live, it weighs 50lbs. Connected to that are the battery modules, each weighing 40lbs. There is a total of 5 of them and each are removable or can be locked together.

The DockCharged unit can also have the ability to charge other devices, like phones, refrigerators, or anything that needs power. So you'll have the flexibility for back up power for anything.

This is how you charge the car. You can nicely keep the unit in your trunk and run the cable out of the trunk. You will be able to close the trunk over the cable; the cable will be flat and not traditionally circular.

The electronic module and battery modules can all be separated and transported. We would like your honest feedback of the form factor so we can continue to improve and have confidence that our beta units will be well received.

Our vision:

While the beta will not look yet like the sleek device shown on the homepage, our goal is to eventually get to that form factor. We aim to learn as much as possible through your input as possible.

We are working to build a future wherein charging is easy and effortless for people that don't have a dedicated parking spot. With your feedback, we will be able to build that future together


Doug and the DockCharged team

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