Blog 10: Andrew’s Beta Experience with DockCharged

Blog 10: Andrew’s Beta Experience with DockCharged

Beta Testing: Andrew’s Journey with DockCharged

DockCharged, our electric vehicle (EV) charging solution offers level 2 charge rates without the hassles of installation, DockCharged empowers you to charge your car efficiently, saving both time and money - getting up to 100 miles of replenished charge per night. 

Beta Tester Profile: Andrew 

In our ongoing quest to enhance DockCharged, we’ve had the privilege of working with incredible beta testers, each with a unique story to tell. Today, we’re sharing Andrew’s experience, a commuter with a Tesla Model Y Performance who provided invaluable feedback as one of our first beta testers.

Andrew’s Daily Commute:

Andrew faces a daily 30-mile commute, and during the weekends, he goes on a longer journey to San Diego. The need to use superchargers for the weekend trips results in almost an hour spent each time at the charger. By the time Sunday night arrives, his battery hovers near 0%, a concerning situation for battery longevity.

Workplace Challenges:

While Andrew’s workplace has EV chargers, they are consistently occupied, forcing him to compete for a spot. Even when he secures a charging station, the network speed is frustratingly slow. This predicament leads Andrew to rely on his 110V outlet in his rented garage. The current setup costs him approximately $100 per month from superchargers, compelling him to charge during peak hours, which is around the $.65/kWh mark. Annually, he spends $720 just to charge his car during peak times, a necessary but costly compromise. He can charge from off peak hours with DockCharfed. 

Andrew’s Perspective on DockCharged:

“Loved DockCharged. It’s a game-changer.”

Using the DockCharged allowed Andrew to save money and time by reducing his supercharger usage. He didn't have the range anxiety he once did by just relying on 110V.

Andrew’s story is just one example of how DockCharged is making an impact on the lives of EV users. As we continue to refine and expand our solution, we look forward to more stories of seamless charging experiences, reduced costs, and empowered users.

Stay tuned for further updates as DockCharged paves the way for a future where EV charging is not only accessible but also hassle-free. Charge forward with DockCharged!

Trying out DockCharged

If you want a chance with DockCharged, reach out to us. First come first serve. Email me!

Where are we going from here?

We gathered a lot of feedback from Andrew and many other beta testers and we are deep in the design to further cost reduce, make the charging experience faster, the DockCharged smaller, and easier to use. We will be releasing updates on our design progress shortly. Stay tuned. We will have more units to deploy for people to use soon. I'll update with a timeline in a few weeks to a month.

Sunglass Holders Project

As a side project, I have been working on a sunglass holder and it is in the production phase. It creates an extra storage component right under the screen with protective surfaces to provide a scratch free environment for your glasses. It can also hold other items too, if you wish.  

It is still in development but shipping in January. We're currently having a Cyber Monday deal, if you're interested.

Happy Holidays. Travel safely and enjoy your time with loved ones.

Doug, Javier, Chris, Cristian

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